selected non-scholarly

Are Market Forces Ruining B-Town’s “Sense of Place”?, Limestone Post, August 2016

Memorial Day Dissent, The Ryder, June/July 2016

Food Insecurity Part 1, Limestone Post, March 2016

Managers of Local Bars Say Preventing Sexual Assault More Art Than Science, Limestone Post, November 2015

How to Feed Canada’s Arctic, The Land Without Farms or Roads, Earth Eats, September 2011

My full Limestone Post article list is here.

My full Earth Eats article list is here.

scholarly publications

joint authorship

“Gúlú Agot’ı T’á Kǝ Gotsúhɂa Gha – Learning About Changes: Rethinking Indigenous Social Economy in Délı̨nę, NWT.” By Deborah Simmons, Walter Bayha, Ingeborg Fink, Sarah Gordon, Keren Rice, and Doris Taneton. In Northern Communities Working Together: The Social Economy of Canada’s North. Ed. Chris Southcott. University of Toronto Press, 2015.

sole authorship

“Narratives Unearthed: Or, How An Abandoned Mine Doesn’t Really Abandon You.” In Mining and Communities in Northern Canada. John Sandlos and Arn Keeling, Eds. University of Calgary Press, 2015.

“Testimony and Truth after Auschwitz.” In Folklore Forum, September 2009.


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